About Us

Tyler and W. Brett Schrader are two brothers who have created a legacy of art that reflects their passion for collaboration and experimentation. Brett is a self-taught artist, While Tyler studied fine art at SUNY Purchase and graduated with a bachelors degree in fine arts.

The Schrader brothers have developed their own unique styles, using a variety of materials such as wood, metal, glass, stone, wire, and leather to create stunning works of art.Their collaboration is a beautiful example of the power of brotherhood, creativity, and the human spirit to bring forth beautiful things into the world. The Schrader brothers continue to inspire and innovate, leaving a lasting impact on the art world and beyond.

Together, the Schrader brothers have created amazing collaborative works that are a true testament to the beauty of collaboration and brotherhood. Their combined efforts have resulted in works of art that evoke balance, enchantment, and beauty in their creations. Their willingness to experiment and break through comfort zones nurtures their process, furthering the identity, life, and beauty of each piece.

Tyler Schrader

Tyler's focus is to create something collaborative between himself and the material. He uses various mediums such as paint, wood, metal, glass, and stone to create organic and garbled wooden forms that combine the rawness of nature with visionary refinement. Tyler's work is a testament to the power of self-teaching and the value of pursuing one's passions. He is known for his organic and garbled wooden forms with a pinch of boundlessness. His focus is to create something collaborative between himself and the material. The resulting work combines the rawness of nature with visionary refinement. Schrader's work is intuitively guided through a mysterious path of discovery and reflection. Through this process of internal and external transformation, Schrader evokes balance, enchantment and beauty in his creations. He uses various mediums such as paint, wood, metal, glass and stone. 

He has expanded into photography and video making digital renderings by manipulating video of his suspension sculptures spinning in space.  He has also created musical soundscapes to accompany his visual pieces.

By continually innovating and breaking through comfort zones, he nurtures his process to further the identity, life and beauty of each piece.  


William Brett Schrader

William Brett Schrader is a self-taught artist who has been creating unique wire-wrapped jewelry for over a decade. He stumbled upon wire wrapping by chance, but it quickly became his passion. William, aged 31, finds joy in picking up wire and seeing where it leads him. Despite lacking formal art education, his talent and creativity have allowed him to develop his own style.

In addition to wire-wrapped jewelry, William has a talent for sewing, creating custom leather vests and bags with laser-engraved leather. He believes he can make anything out of anything with enough time. Alongside his brother, William collaborates on works combining wood, metal, glass, stone, and other materials.

Their combined efforts produce art evoking balance, enchantment, and beauty. They embrace experimentation, nurturing their process and enhancing the identity of each piece. Despite his success, William remains humble and grateful for his talents. His journey as an artist continues to evolve, promising exciting developments in the future.